About me

I’m an engineer by trade and by nature. I enjoy all kinds of development, so I tend work on all sorts of things in my spare time: libraries, open-source projects, games etc. If you have an idea or problem you think I could help with, drop me a line and I’ll consider it!

For my day job, I work as a senior software engineer at Rowden Technologies.

Things I like




A neat little MsBuild plugin that converts database models in .edmx format to “code-first” models in EF Core. Published on NuGet.


A library for manipulating FBX files in .NET. My most starred project, even though I haven’t worked on it in a while! I’m considering doing a NuGet package and developing it further.


A little program that translates the Unity Package Manager’s API calls into Git commands run locally, to allow the use of Git repositories as versioned package sources with full dependency management.


A library for creating strongly-typed reflection classes in .NET. Useful when dealing with APIs that have lots of internal classes you want to access (cough cough Unity)


Ashes of Equestria

I volunteer for The Overmare Studios, developing a very ambitions open-world RPG based on the Fallout Equestria fan novel. (I have the possibly dubious honour as the longest standing team member: since March 2012)

Blades of Equestria

A game in the concept stage right now, BoE will be an isometric CRPG inspired by Avernum and the Divinity series, written in LOVE.

Work in progress

Decal system for Unity

A powerful, feature-packed and performant decal system for Unity. Needs to be tidied up and made to work on newer versions; I hope to make this a UPM package at some point.



I’m working on a couple of graphical bugs, and (because I’m insane I guess) doing the entire save state system.